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Log homes and bath house from Russia


We are - the small company operating in the timber market since 2006. We don’t have a corporate structure, the CEO and other of his deputies, heads of enterprises and workshops. We don't have a corporate structure, the CEO and several of his deputies, heads of enterprises and workshops. The construction of wooden houses and log cabins is not an impersonal production process for us. Each new blockhouse for us - the event, and all the logs in it special. We prepare cedar and larch forests and build log houses and baths only by ourselves.

We are lucky to live and work in one of the most remarkable places in Siberia - the Republic of Khakassia.

There are few places where still big and clear skies are today. Also, there is a great number of mountain rivers and streams from which we drink water without fear. Besides, there are a lot of different species of fish in our rivers, such as grayling and trout; valuable Siberian larch and cedar in virgin taiga; wild bears and hermits conservatives, who lives in this taiga. Moreover millions of Siberians travel to the unique salt lakes Shira and Bele to relax and improve their health!

Such habitat creates a special attitude to work. When you hack or rasp cedar and larch - you get closer to nature and certainly pure spirit with every touch by hands to nature, with every breath aroma of resin.

Although we live in Siberia, but in construction the cabin house or a bath in addition to traditional Russian methods, we also actively use methods and techniques recommended by the International Association of Builders log houses (ILBA).

Here in this atmosphere we are ready to cut for you log home or bath house from a log taiga cedar and larch!


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